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Education is the key to lasting change.

"I've always had a passion for studying wildlife conservation. It's a viable job in Maasai land, especially for women as few manage to have the opportunity to study. Now that my dream is being fulfilled, I want to be a role model and convey the importance of wildlife conservation."           Ketito, age 18                


Indigenous girls living in rural areas of developing countries do not often have access to quality education, and therefore have less opportunity for social and economic advancement. The financial, social, and physical barriers that deny education to girls are numerous and nearly impossible for all but the most determined to overcome. 


Our WILDest Dreams scholarship program helps circumvent the economic, social, and cultural factors that prevent girls from receiving an education. kimber elements dedicates 10% of each jewelry purchase to provide educational opportunities for our artisans' daughters to study and pursue a career in wildlife conservation in order to support the next generation of environmental stewards. Our scholarship recipients are identified by our artisans based upon need, academic performance, and timing. Scholarship funds are transferred to our wildlife conservation partner, Big Life Foundation, who distributes the school fees on our behalf through their established and reputable scholarship program. 

By purchasing and wearing our jewelry pieces, you are supporting and becoming part of a student’s WILDest Dreams journey of advocating for herself and wildlife. 

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