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Heading to Kenya to meet old and new friends!

I'm full of so many mixed emotions....excited, anxious, nervous, cautious, and grateful.

I'm deeply aware that travel is a privilege, and even more of an enormous privilege to choose to travel during this never-ending global pandemic.


My goal for this trip is twofold. I’m going to the Amboseli-Tsavo ecosystem (the Kenya-Tanzania boarder by Mt. Kilimanjaro) to meet with Isaiah, Naomi, the Chairlady, and the Treasurer of our woman’s group to discuss the goals of our project; do some in-person design work and talk about quality control; and to pick up our 2022 collection of new beaded products. I can’t wait to give you a sneak peek!

I will finally have a chance to meet Ketito, our first WILDest Dreams scholarship recipient, in person. She finished her studies and will be graduating soon with a certificate in wildlife conservation and community management from Kenya Wildlife Service this year. I’m so proud of Ketito and I'm looking forward to hearing all about her school experience and her future career in wildlife conservation. Abigael, our next scholarship recipient, is following Ketito's footsteps and has started her studies at Kenya Wildlife Service this week.


Then I will spend a few days in Nairobi to meet some brass metalsmiths. I’m starting a new partnership with Jimani Collections, a local organization who provides impoverished women with vocational skills through innovation, education and design. In collaboration with Jimani Collections, I’m designing some custom brass bracelets and earrings for kimber elements. I’m excited not only to offer new metal products, but to also support Jimani Collections in providing opportunities for women to learn high-quality jewelry design with products made with sustainable materials and produced by women who are influencing their communities.

"As a well-intentioned traveler, I might mean no harm, yet every time I travel I enter a story of systemic opportunity and adversity that's been playing out long before me. No matter how justice minded I might be, my journeys intersect with these historic legacies."

I will try to post some stories and reels while I’m traveling, but honestly it’s hard for me as I want to be in the moment when I travel and try to stay off of my phone. I know that you’re curious about the stories behind our products and the impact that we’re making so I will do my best. Follow us on Instagram to get regular updates.

Thanks for reading and being a part of our journey.

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