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Education is the key to lasting change

Indigenous girls living in rural areas of developing countries do not often have access to quality education, and therefore have less opportunity for social and economic advancement.


The financial, social, and physical barriers that deny education to girls are numerous and nearly impossible for all but the most determined to overcome. These include early and forced marriage, poverty, females used as the family wealth and dowry, early pregnancy, and gender discrimination.


kimber elements is dedicated to being part of the solution. Our WILDest Dreams scholarship program helps circumvent the economic, social, and cultural factors that prevent girls from receiving an education. kimber elements dedicates 10% of each jewelry purchase to provide educational opportunities for our artisans' daughters to study and pursue a career in wildlife conservation in order to support the next generation of environmental stewards. Our scholarship recipients are identified by our artisans based upon need, academic performance, and timing.

Meet our first WILDest Dreams scholarship recipient, Ketito, who is graduating this spring with a certificate in Community Development & Wildlife Conservation from Kenya Wildlife Service. We interviewed her about her passion for wildlife and how she was determined to overcome these challenges to serve her community; conserve and protect the biodiversity on her communal land; and be a role model to pave the way for women in conservation.

"I've always had a passion for studying wildlife conservation. It's a viable job in maasai land, especially for women as few manage to have the opportunity to study. Now that my dream is being fulfilled, I want to be a role model and convey the importance of wildlife conservation."

Why did you want to study and pursue a career in wildlife conservation?

I had a passion for wildlife conservation and by exploring and discovering beyond what I knew will help me to manage the resources available in my community and also to better the future of conservation. Wildlife conservation will also help me empower the young generations on the importance and benefits of wildlife conservation and different perspectives by acting as a role model.

What was the hardest and most rewarding part of your curriculum?

The whole education journey was not easy since it entails commitment, perseverance and following the rules and regulations of the Kenya Wildlife Service Training Institute programs. It was rewarding in that I managed to complete my units on time and will graduate.

What are your plans to support your community after graduation ?

It's my plan to promote community education to both the adults to change their attitude and perception towards girlchild education and also toward wildlife conservation; and also to the young people to show them the importance of wildlife conservation and the benefits of the tourism industry that also helps fund our education programs in our communities. It's also my plan to support community development projects and promote equitable sharing of resources and benefits with a special focus on women and disadvantaged groups and poor sections of the community.

What kind of jobs are you going to apply for?

I want to launch my career by applying for jobs in wildlife conservation and management, environmental management, tourism management, and all jobs related to wildlife conservation and community developments programs.

What does kimber elements mean to you and your family?

Our partnership with kimber elements means a lot as you acted like my second parents throughout my college education journey. Thank you so much may you continue helping the other generations. Also my family sees the great impact of kimber elements as they are able to see the benefits of how our collaboration brings change to the community in general.

How did your family support you go to school?

My family supported me through what they could finically contribute and encouragement that I can archive my dreams.

What is your favorite wild animal?

Since I have a passion to explore wildlife conservation, I'm interested in bird habitat and behavior and bird watching in general.

Thanks for reading and being a part of our journey.

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