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We are dedicated to being part of the solution.

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Kimber is the Convener and Curator of kimber elements. As a compassionate advocate for social and environmental justice, her vision is to utilize design to mobilize people to contribute to sustainability and protect wildlife.



Lucy is the Beadness Manager who oversees the Oldoinyo Oibor (White Mountain) Amboseli Women’s Group, which is made up of 30 artisans in rural Kenya by Mt. Kilimanjaro. 

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Isaiah and Naomi are the Project Managers in Kenya. They are passionate about empowering the women in their community and wildlife conservation. Isaiah is conservation guide and Naomi is a school teacher.

Kimber is a world traveler and natural connector who brings her experience as a metalsmith, jewelry designer, curator, and entrepreneur together with her passion for people and the natural world. She started kimber elements in 2011 as a modern jewelry brand uniquely known for its wearable sculpture. Now through personal travels, kimber elements encounters indigenous peoples living in biodiverse areas who have a desire to protect the environment surrounding their ancestral homes.


On her trip to Kenya in 2019, Kimber met Isaiah and Naomi. They formed a friendship over many conversations about culture, empowering women, the importance of keeping girls in school, and environmental conservation. Together they believe that increasing economic and educational opportunities, particularly for women, is imperative for building sustainable conservation practices and more equitable societies.


During her time in Isaiah and Naomi's homeland, Kimber learned that it is customary for rural indigenous women to create traditional ornamental jewelry for both beautification and to communicate stories of status, history, age, and wealth. While these artisans have access to local markets to sell their products, they are often over-saturated and competitive, which means the artisans often sell their items at a steep discount. Gaining access to global markets in order to make a sustainable livelihood is logistically and socially challenging. 


Isaiah and Naomi expressed their desire to create a market-driven solution to generate social and environmental change within their community, and invited Kimber to collaborate with them to create the artisans group, Oldoinyo Oibor Amboseli Women’s Group. Together they create contemporary jewelry combining traditional technique with a modern aesthetic, resulting in unique statement pieces that embody both culture and place.   


Kimber acknowledges her privilege in doing this work, and is committed to ethical storytelling and respect when working with indigenous people. 

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