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Our mission is to amplify indigenous women to conserve and protect wildlife through sustainable business and educational opportunities. 


Now more than ever, wildlife is at risk due to human activity and globalization which is increasing human-wildlife conflict. kimber elements provides dignified business opportunities for indigenous women in order to elevate them as change-makers and catalysts for social and environmental change. When a woman is economically empowered, the environment is better managed, human-wildlife conflict is reduced, and community member livelihoods are improved.


kimber elements uses collaborative jewelry design to amplify the voice and visibility of indigenous women in geographic locations where wildlife is most at risk. We start by identifying and building relationships with artisans who are skilled in ancient craft, yet lacking a consistent market. Currently, we collaborate with 30 Maasai women in rural Kenya. Using traditional colors, textures, and patterns as our defining tools, kimber elements creates lively and fresh designs that evolve out of an ongoing dialogue with our artisans. ​ 

We believe that Western perceptions of developing countries should be decolonized, and that indigenous cultural heritage should be valued and respected. We are committed to upholding the dignity of our artisans by celebrating their cultural techniques and traditions. By connecting them to a market of socially conscious customers, we are preserving their craft and sharing their stories. 


kimber elements promotes economic stability and gender equality by paying artisans fair wages, enabling them to support their families and provide quality education for their children. Meanwhile, the artisans are learning business skills and increasing financial security by collectively reinvesting a portion of their wages in sustainable micro-businesses to produce alternate sources of reliable income.

We partner with trusted wildlife conservation organizations for a direct impact on sustaining biodiversity, that in turn sustains humanity. 10% of each jewelry purchase is dedicated to our WILDest Dreams scholarship fund to provide educational opportunities for our artisans' daughters to study and pursue a career in wildlife conservation. This will result in creating the next generation of female environmental stewards who will in turn support their family and community.

By purchasing kimber elements jewelry you become an agent for change; wearing and telling our inspiring stories to amplify

women and protect wildlife. 

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